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We are a company dedicated to producing better products for musicians and bands. Founded in 2009 by Mark Giammattei, we’ve adapted to changes in technology largely premised off Mark’s achievements working for General Electric (G.E.) in the Plastics Division, Research Engineering Group, and finally in the G.E. Global Research Center for Excellence, home of Thomas Edison. We are committed to designing tasteful yet powerful products to support for your music without ever departing from your artistic vision. A product from us is a guarantee that your music will sound better.

Besides providing you innovative and dynamic products, Pure Sixty-Four Amps refurbishes and repairs your war-torn amps back to peak performance.


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Get Quality Sound Amplification Today

Whether you’re a casual musician, regular performer, avid fan, or own a music venue, Pure Sixty-Four Amps will may your sound better and help you succeed.

We 40 years of creative and engineering experience, Mark Giammattei of Pure Sixty-Four Amps can make your dream a reality.

Client Highlights

Eric GAles – 2019 “Blues Rock Artist of the Year”


American blues-rock guitarist Eric Gales, also known as Raw Dawg, shows off his Pure Sixty-Four Amps.  Gales has eighteen albums with major record labels and has contributed vocals to several major groups including Prophet Posse and Three 6 Mafia.  He has toured throughout the United States and Internationally, making his mark on several different genres.  

Recently on May 9, 2019, Eric Gales won the Blues Music Award for “Blues Rock Artist of the Year“!

ADD TESTIMONIAL They put our band on the map. Before they opened, we couldn’t find a recording studio that was willing to take a chance on our songs, but they were confident that we could succeed.





ADD TESTIMONIAL While on tour in the States, we received an invitation to record a song for free with the, and absolutely fell in love with the studio. We ended up recording our entire new album there.





Music. Culture. Passion

For Musicians

We work with bands and musicians who seek to play at a higher level with purer sound, connecting them with our dynamic products and amps.



Draw higher caliber bands by providing our powerful products at your venue to thrill you fans and impress your next gig or investor.


Success To All Musicians 


Welcome to one of the largest music supply and amplifier businesses in the Capital Region of New York!  Founded in 2009 by Albany-based guitar enthusiast Mark Giammattei, Pure Sixty-Four Amps is a business by musicians for musicians and committed to raising the standard for musicians.  We specialize in creating, customizing, repairing, and refurbishing amplifiers.

Whether music is your career or your hobby, there’s no better supply shop than us.


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